Everything so far has built up to this moment! This is where things start to really get exciting. All of the metal […]

Getting the body ready for the shiny stuff This is where things start to begin to get really serious. Not to say […]

As you’ve just seen with John’s Cuda, rust damage can be extensive and found to have penetrated deep into all the various structures.

Mark Ehlen- MCR Staff The major decisions have been made. The level of restoration has been chosen. The car is at MCR […]

Mark Ehlen- MCR Staff While virtually all of the cars MCR builds are run on the dyno to fully test and tune […]

Mark Ehlen- MCR Staff Dreams by their very nature are personal. Muscle car dreams especially so. No two are going to be […]

Creating a road map to the final destination. Mark Ehlen- MCR Staff The time has finally come. You’ve decided to stop dreaming […]

Mark Ehlen- MCR Staff So you’re thinking about building your dream car but you have a lot of questions. In fact you’re […]