Creating a road map to the final destination.

Mark Ehlen- MCR Staff

The time has finally come. You’ve decided to stop dreaming and start doing. While dreams are great motivators, they often only show you the end result; the big picture. They are not always real good at showing how to get there but the details of any restoration are really the most important. They are your road map to the final destination.

So even though John Balow has helped literally hundreds of others realize their dreams, he is going to go through the same process as everyone before him. And that starts by filling out MCR’s Vehicle Information Survey.

A good number of restoration experts are going to be involved with his Cuda so all of them need to be on the proverbial “same page”. All of the desires and goals for the project must be written down so everyone that touches it can work toward the same end goal. Decisions must be made about every system, sub-system and aspect of the car so everything comes together in perfect harmony with the dream exactly as it was envisioned.

If that sounds like there are going to be a good number of decisions to make, you are correct. But not to worry, the MCR staff has been through this hundreds of times and they’ll know how to guide you through the process of defining all of the little details that go together to make your dream car a reality.

 As we’re sure you already realize, there are about as many ways to build a dream car as there are owners. The dream could be for a museum quality factory stock show car or a full custom 1200 HP twin turbo tubbed and caged radical street machine or virtually anything in between.

One of the first decisions that John will have to make is does he want his Cuda built factory stock, stock appearing with some modern upgrades, or are there certain modifications that he just has to have. At the same time, is John looking for a restoration that he can drive on a regular basis or a top-level show car.

To be sure that John gets exactly the car he wants, he will fill out MCR’s 23-page Vehicle Information Survey that will cover literally every aspect of his Cuda. Besides defining the general restoration level, the Survey addresses how they should handle sheet metal repairs, body and paint work, exterior trim and glass, engine and accessories, electrical, transmission and drive train, chassis and suspension, interior and so much more. This Survey is essentially the road map that guides the restoration from beginning to going cruising.

Of course making these decisions can raise a lot of questions so MCR’s staff will work with John to explain how each decision will impact the final result. Once the exact destination is known, the journey can now begin.

Customers sit down with MCR staff to get all their questions answered and to map out the course of the entire restoration. This ensures that everyone knows what’s required to complete each owner’s dream as accurately as possible.
At the very beginning of every restoration it is critical that every aspect of the work be defined starting with the level of restoration desired; Driver Restoration, Platinum Restoration or Progressive Restoration. The car could be stock, mildly updated or heavily modified.

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