Our Highlights from 2022

Here at MCR we know how important it is to remain involved in events related to the restoration industry and world. Over the course of 2022 we attended: World of Wheels, Mopars in the Park. local Burger King Car Shows, Muscle Car & Corvette Nationals, and SEMA. We feel exceptionally privileged and honored to partake in these events whether we are showing a customer’s car, supporting our surrounding community, or simply networking with other businesses and vendors across the country. Stay up to date with where we’ll be headed next on our “Events” tab on our website, which you can access here.

Customer Cars Delivered in 2022

Over the warm summer months, we were able to successfully deliver many cars to eager customers! One of the best parts of what we do is seeing the reaction on customers faces when they are reunited with their pride and joy. In 2022 we delivered: a 1968 Oldsmobile 442, a 1937 Ford Fordor, a 1967 Chevy Nova, a 1988 Ford Mustang, a 1967 Pontiac GTO, a 1977 Oldsmobile 442, a 1967 Chevy Camaro, a 1969 Pontiac Trans Am, and a 1955 Pontiac Chieftain! See photos below and stay up to date with current projects in the shop on our social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Give us a call at 715-834-2223 if this could be you and your car next!

SATA Paint Gun Comparison

We were recently featured in a Hot Rod magazine article below is a snippet. We all know that automotive paint and primer have changed a lot in the last couple of decades with the serious reductions in VOC type solvents being mandated by the EPA. This has led to improvements in paint gun function and given rise to new guns engineered for specific purposes, most notably one for primer and another for base color and clearcoat. Read more here.

Connections & Partnerships

Avery, Ben, and Dante attended the SEMA show in Las Vegas from November 1st – 4th. While there we were able to connect with a number of our key vendors and partners. We are excited to produce exceptional technical articles, social media content, as well as videos with the following companies: Auto Metal Direct, Holley, Hot Rod, Miller, Power Auto Media. Stay tuned in the new year for this content, you won’t want to miss it!

Company Achievements

Congratulations to our employees for achieving 6 out of 6 company goals this year! We take sincere pride in the work we do here, and we are incredibly blessed with an amazingly skilled and talented team that accomplishes any task thrown at them. We’d like to thank our customers and fans for the support, each day we are striving to continue to exceed our customer expectations in 2023 and the years to come!

Featured Build | 1978 Pontiac Trans Am

Michael enjoyed his Bandit car for a number of years but eventually realized that it was going to need a proper restoration to bring the dream to its full fruition. Once the car was stripped down to bare metal it was indeed found to be pretty solid. There were a few minor rust areas that needed to be addressed but there was also evidence that it had been in an accident at some point in its past which was going to require some body panels to be replaced. There were also some gauges that didn’t work, and the 400-inch engine was just not cutting it power wise. Not that it ever did with its original 220 HP factory rating. Well, that’s not how Michael remembered the Bandit car in the movie, so a power upgrade was definitely on the list of needed improvements. So, when the time was right, Michael brought his Trans Am to MCR not just for a full restoration but also to solve some of the other issues inherent in these cars.

Featured Build | 1972 Super Scamp

The MCR team completes a high school shop project. Not every muscle car owner grew up wanting a particular car that they couldn’t obtain when they were young. Not every owner had a particular car in mind to restore someday. Only a very few hung onto a car they owned in their youth that they now want to restore. Some just have a general idea of what they’d like to have when they start looking for a car to restore. Michael Renner is a great example of the latter. When he was ready to drive classic American Muscle, he just knew that he wanted an A or B-body Mopar and thanks to internet shopping sites, he was able to search the country for something that would catch his attention.

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