Mark Ehlen- MCR Staff

While virtually all of the cars MCR builds are run on the dyno to fully test and tune all their systems for correct function, relatively few get dyno tested at the beginning of the resto. That is simply because very few of them show up in running/driving condition. Most of those that are running wouldn’t consider using any of the drivetrain as is anyway because they want everything rebuilt like new and/or have specific modifications that they desire.

John’s Cuda is a bit rare in that the engine, trans and rear were said to be in good shape with the engine being a fairly fresh stock rebuild which is what John wants for his dream car.

Once on MCR’s Mustang Chassis Dyno, the Cuda can be fully road tested to see if the seller’s claims are true. And it turns out that they were. The 340 ran strong with a flat torque curve and more HP than would normally be expected from a stock rebuild. With no leaks or smoking of any kind, the engine appears healthy and tight. The trans shifted very smooth and the rear was quiet. It’s John’s decision of course but he could use this engine, trans and rear as is with only a cosmetic resto.

Photo of Cuda on dyno (I didn’t find any photos of the car on the dyno, if we don’t have any, then we could use some of the video instead)

MCR’s Mustang chassis dyno can be utilized to determine if the existing engine, trans and rear are in good enough shape to consider saving as is. If you bought a driver, this evaluation could save you the expense of rebuilding these components.

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