Mark Ehlen- MCR Staff

Dreams by their very nature are personal. Muscle car dreams especially so. No two are going to be exactly alike which is why MCR’s Vehicle Information Survey is so valuable. It’s your dream. Effectively communicating it to the team that’s going to build it is critical.

Trouble with dreams though is that sometimes they’re not in razor sharp focus. Oh, you’ll know it’s right (or wrong) when you see it but by then it may be too late. Now if your dream is a factory perfect resto this isn’t an issue. MCR is very familiar with those. You’ll just need to pick from the factory colors and options and turn them loose.

But what about a resto mod or even a full on custom? It might be easier to select your perfect color, wheels, and stance, for instance, if you could see the finished car first. Impossible? Nope! MCR can provide a fully detailed rendering of your finished car. Their design and rendering services can take your dream, no matter how well defined, and provide you with a visual that clearly defines that dream for the whole team. You’ll be able to look at it and confidently say, “build that one”.

Even though John’s Cuda will be built to factory specs, the MCR team produced a rendering with the color and options that John remembers from all those years ago.

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